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ART Speaker

The ART wireless speaker offers a unique mix of style and sound, enhancing your home décor with cable free high quality audio. Enjoy a variety of wireless listening experiences by streaming your favorite music services from any iOS or Android device. As simple as a single speaker or building the perfect audio system, the ART Speaker can be configured to offer mono, stereo, and multi-room audio playback.

Decorate your home with audio ART
Cased in a Tivoli Audio furniture grade wood cabinet and finished with a high quality Gabriel® fabric grill, The ART wireless speaker brings an aesthetic touch to your audio.

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The story

ORB - Audio Art

Hung on the wall like a painting or placed in its stand like a sculpture, the ART Speaker is an object of art. The high-quality Gabriel fabric and real wood cabinet mix together elevating the ART Speaker to more than a speaker and heightening your home’s décor.

No sound was sacrificed in the design of the ART Speaker The front port allows for ample bass and room filling audio from its slim form factor.

Simple set up
Use the ART Speaker right out of the box as a Bluetooth speaker or download the Tivoli Audio app and get the advanced experience of using the ART Speaker over your wireless network.

Decide one speaker is not enough?
Use the app to create a stereo pair or connect speakers across your home’s wireless network.

Simple Controls
The ART Speaker offers source, volume, and configuration controls on the base of the speaker. You can also pause and play your music with the touch sensitive logo on the top of each unit.

Music moves with you
Wherever you are in your home the ART Speaker can follow or hang it on the wall without any power cords to hide. Purchase the optional rechargeable lithium battery and get hours of playback from room to room.